Playland Speedway Reunion 

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The 2003 reunion was held on Nov 30th at McGees in Council Bluffs, Ia.  About 150 people attended with about 100 there at one time.  We packed the place.  

The Drivers     2003 Playland reunion     At McGees in Council Bluffs

I am sorry that I didn't get to talk to everyone. I did get to talk with many though, and everyone seemed pleased with the event.  There were lots of scrapbooks, pictures, articles there. It was fun looking through them and listening to the stories of the good ol' days!   

Among the attendees: John Earnest, Bob Jura, Dale Miller, Ed Rydberg, Bob Matson, Wayne Dawson, Frank and Elizabeth VanDoorn, Frank Prideaux, Rick Pfeifer, Glenn McKeighan, Al McKeighan, Kim Elder, Phil Reeves, Phil Heine, Larry Gascoigne, Rich Ferguson, Joe Daub, Ron Hadley, Claude Brown, Wayne Ratliff and family, Mel Kruger, Terry Muell, Dave Wichman, Larry Spohn, Elvin Heiman, Dean Heiman, Ron Hoden, Bob Johnson, Mike Rocha, Pete Abshier, Joe Estes, Ron Gladfelte, Don Doebelin, Don Robinson, Pete Huffman, Steve Robey, Glenn Robey, Joe Robey, Jack Anderson, Jim Boyd, Sonny and Susan Miller, Bob and Carolyn Stender, Larry Jiskra, Gary Bergantzel, Bob Fitzsimmons, Harold Price and party, Lonnie McKeighan, Roger Nixon, Paul Zdan, Matt Zdan, Linda McKeighan, Larry Richards III, Vicki and Lee Rollins, Dave and Donna Foote, Kristy Hassay, Darlene Rowe, John Ferrin, Bill Harm, Steve Tilley, Skip Christianson, Lyle Christianson, Howard Koziol, Jim Winchester, Speed and Linda Hill and others whose names I can't make out from the sign-in sheet. Plus numerous guests and folks who didn't get signed in!!

We had a 1957 video of Sunset Speedway racing (thanks Gary Bergantzel) as well as vintage racing from Webster City. Lots of pictures were taken and some are here for your enjoyment.

McGees provided made rites and chips and drink specials.  DSC04276.JPG (62416 bytes)  

Door prizes: I  supplied about a dozen playlandspeedway.com  DSC04223.JPG (62126 bytes)T-shirts like my daughter Anissa is wearing,

Rich Ferguson DSC04129.JPG (61998 bytes)gave away two Cornhusker Vintage Nationals T-shirts,


Kim Elder DSC04139.JPG (63397 bytes) gave away four or five car washes from his Finish Line Car Wash,

and Rich McGee DSC04277.JPG (59739 bytes) gave away several McGees T-shirts.

Thanks to Don Robinson DSC04165.JPG (61852 bytes) for the use of his digital camera and for putting the images on cd!!


DSC04077.JPG (61906 bytes)  DSC04078.JPG (62334 bytes)  DSC04081.JPG (62884 bytes)  DSC04082.JPG (63177 bytes) Lonnie McKeighan DSC04087.JPG (62918 bytes)


DSC04088.JPG (61746 bytes) Elizabeth Vandoorn, the Ratliffs seated. Lee Rollins Lee Rollins Dave Wichman (left) Larry Spohn (middle)   Wayne Dawson (Right) Elvin Heiman and Harold Price


Frank Prideaux, Ron Hoden , Sonny and Susan Miller and Frank Vandoorn Don Doebelin and Jack Anderson? "The Elvinator" Junior Heiman, Ron Hoden and Dave Foote  DSC04103.JPG (62612 bytes) DSC04104.JPG (61116 bytes) DSC04105.JPG (61897 bytes) 

DSC04106.JPG (62619 bytes) DSC04107.JPG (63152 bytes) DSC04108.JPG (61248 bytes) DSC04109.JPG (62644 bytes) DSC04110.JPG (61189 bytes) DSC04111.JPG (60917 bytes)

 DSC04112.JPG (62157 bytes)  DSC04113.JPG (60892 bytes) DSC04114.JPG (63241 bytes) DSC04115.JPG (61165 bytes) DSC04116.JPG (62060 bytes) DSC04117.JPG (62124 bytes)

 DSC04118.JPG (62606 bytes) DSC04120.JPG (62472 bytes) DSC04121.JPG (62248 bytes) DSC04122.JPG (62731 bytes) DSC04123.JPG (62573 bytes) DSC04124.JPG (61551 bytes)

 DSC04125.JPG (61152 bytes)  DSC04126.JPG (60439 bytes) DSC04127.JPG (61918 bytes) DSC04128.JPG (62294 bytes) DSC04130.JPG (61704 bytes) Al McKeighan  

  Roger Nixon DSC04138.JPG (62880 bytes) Bill Harm, Lee Rollins, Glen McKeighan Paul Zdan DSC04147.JPG (62271 bytes) Sonny Miller and Frank Vandoorn  


  Phil Heine and Susan Miller Big John Earnest Phil Reeves Bobby Matson Ed Rydberg (right) Roger Nixon and Gary Bergantzel  



  DSC04160.JPG (60601 bytes) Dave and Donna Foote Harold Price Bob Fitzsimmons DSC04166.JPG (61738 bytes) Josh Mott


    Matt Zdan DSC04169.JPG (62060 bytes)DSC04171.JPG (59921 bytes) Paul Zdan Bobbi Jo Hassay and Kristy Hassay Kristy's daughter?  


     Darlene Rowe and Bobbi Jo Hassay Claude "Sonny" BrownFrank Prideaux Rick Pfiefer Ron Hoden  


    Elvin "Junior" Heiman Dean Heiman Larry JiskraJohn Ferrin DSC04189.JPG (62114 bytes) 


  Vicki and Lee Rollins Dave Wichman Wayne Dawson Joe Estes Bill Harm  


Ed Rydberg Bobby Matson acting his age! Phil Heine Bob Jura Dale Miller (right) Frank Vandoorn the Flying Dutchman Himself!  

Sonny and Susan MillerDon DoebelinAnissaDSC04227.JPG (61113 bytes)DSC04231.JPG (62496 bytes)Dave Wichman (right)


 Rich Ferguson, Bill Harm and Jeremy Franks with beer Gary Bergantzel and Dan Franks Bob Jura DSC04247.JPG (62151 bytes) Jean Franks and Josh Mott


   DSC04256.JPG (62198 bytes) Craig Hancock Anissa Franks pool shark DSC04265.JPG (61084 bytes) Paul Zdan and Dan Franks  


  Chance Franks and Anissa Franks DSC04275.JPG (63279 bytes)

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