This is where you'll find any audio or video clips that I have on the website. You'll need high speed internet to play this stuff.

Audio clips -

These are from a recording Howard Koziol made from the stands at the last race of 1971. George Murphy is announcing. They are over 3mb each, you might want to right click your mouse nad save them to your computer before playing them. You'll have to really crank up the volume to hear these.


First file (about 9 minutes) -


Bill Bovee and Robin  Chase battle for the win. 

Bill Sheffield and Glen McKeighan battle it out.

Bob Johnson and Ed Beam battle it out.


 on this one (about 3 minutes) - 


Bill Sheffield and Glen McKeighan battle again.



Video Clips-



From Brian Kaut: I created this video in remembrance of my father. Can you please publish this on your Playland Speedway website for others to enjoy and remember my father by?

Thank you!

Watch Dave in action