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Some are still with us.  Some are gone.  

None are forgotten.... 


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Glenn Robey "the 8 ball", not only still with us, he's still racin'!!  I believe he is the oldest active racer in Nebraska, with the longest racing career.



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John FerrinJohn Ferrin car #103


Don Ronk, raced the coupes and Bronco class at Playland.



The Flying Dutchman  Frank  Vandoorn, still around and restoring Studebakers.

John HollingNeal Holling car #20

Bobby Matson, a life long racer, still builds and owns  racecars to this day.

Lynn Grabill, still around the Nebraska area, owns a 360 sprint his son drives 

Howard Koziol, an ex-late model racer in the Omaha area, raced at Playland in it's final years.

Darrell Taylor mostly drove a mini stock at Playland.  Lives near Colorado Springs  today.  He has a beautiful sedan now.

Dave Hellerich, living in Conway Arkansas these days.


Larry Osborn, raced the Bronco class at Playland.


Ron Hoden, raced the coupes and Bronco as well as Super class at Playland.

dadnme1.jpg (33037 bytes)Al Franks, my Dad raced at Playland in the Bronco class. Dad also tried the GOTRA coupes once.

foote07a.jpg (11074 bytes) Dave Foote raced at Playland and Sunset.  Dave also contributed a great aerial shot of the track.

My friend, Dick Gappa  a Playland legend.


Scott Furstenberg raced in 67 and 68 at Playland

rich_84.jpg (19722 bytes)Rich Ferguson still racing his playland coupe with GOTRA to this day

roy03.jpg (52913 bytes) Roy Robertson drove briefly and owned several cars at Playland, also  helped negotiate the purse increase for bronco cars.

Bobby Parker midget king and coupe driver at Playland

Larry Wheeler   "the Hawk" coupe and midget racer at Playland.

Joe Daub Bronco Driver

prideaux-55chev.jpg (50104 bytes)Frank Prideaux Bronco Driver

Sonny Miller Bronco Driver

Bob Johnson Bronco Driver

Carl Lilienthal Coupe Driver

Walt Kramer Coupe Driver

Ted Pafford Bronco driver

Jim Nordstrom Bronco Driver

Mel Kruger Drove em all

Ed Morris  Mini, Bronco, Super Stock Driver

Joe Estes Drove em all

"Big Dave" Kaut  Playland Champ

The Burdicks...  Legends Bud was a Playland Champ

Kosiski...    Legends

Karl Gray raced 73-77

"Dyno" Don Lemley

Elvin "Junior" Heiman 

Dan Koonce

Ron Stander "The Bluffs Butcher"

    Paul Zdan- Bronco/Super Stock Champ  One of the best!    

Dutch Munsinger

Neal Tadlock - playland and sunset driver
Don SclondorfDon Schlondorf  Ron Wolfe  

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