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These photos are from two scrapbooks loaned to me by Randall Leazenby via Bill Stawowcyzk.  Bill brought the scrapbooks up from Missouri for the April 2004 reunion.  Thanks Bill! We all appreciate the effort.

These are remarkable photos that I wish I could put on the website at full size and resolution.  Like all the images on the website, I have had to reduce their size and quality as well.  The pics would not load at a reasonable speed if they weren't.  Of course, the website would quickly run out of space!

The pics are grouped like this because most of them were stuck pretty well in the scrapbooks.  The LAST THING I want to do is damage a picture. They are ALL from 1976!!! 

Here are the pics!!  If you can offer up any descriptions to go with them please do. Especially the fight photos!!


Powder puff bike race, Crescent VFD and Gerald laezenby at the pit Gate. Gerald, Bob G, Paul and Crew, bottom Paul and family 1976 Tiny Lund, George Wolfe sponsor. Gene Gilmore flagman. Lee Barron announcing. Jan Gillespie.  George Wolfe gettin' some sugar from the trophy girl. Paul Zdan wants some of that action.  


Bud AikenheadFrom Dave Hellerich: Besides some of the more recognizables such as Zdan, Tilley, and others. One I thought some might not know right off is Bud Aikenhead in scan 0009 in Geralds pics. He is standing next to #59 which as I remember belonged to Bill Starrett of Bellevue. Was driven by several guys such as Tom Culbertson and Bill himself. Don't recall Bud driving it but could have been. Bud usually had his own car #38 for years, but I don't think he got into the late models after the coupes were retired. Great pictures and I know there are more out in closets and attics that would sure be nice to see. Good work guys, keep it up.

From Dan:  Bud Burdick talks very fondly of Bud Aikenhead.  Aikenhead was clearly one of Bud's mentors.  He gave Burdick lots of driving advice. Bud still talks about that.


scan0010.jpg (29952 bytes) scan0011.jpg (30575 bytes) Don Doebelin top and middle.  Elvin Heiman bottom. Top Bob Golden, Randy Wolfe, Bill McCoy center,   top Larry Robinson, Sr top Jerry Marco, BoB Fitzsimmons center, Bill McCoy bottom

hobby points 76, Top Jerry Marco, , center 2nd points, Bottom Don Lemley scan0017.jpg (32818 bytes)  Russ Dilley and CB Policeman, Gilmore flagman   scan0019.jpg (25044 bytes) Don Marshall on crutches (top), bottom, Marshall, Steve Tilley #27, Jean Valazquez, 96

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