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The Midget years

Check out Jim Taggart's page for details on midget racing in our area. He has done an excellent job of research!!

   Racing into the dark, Playland 1948    They're lookin' at each other!! Playland 1948    Red Iverson- Playland 1949 



The Coupe years

1952-Don Williams rolling (Bobby Parker collection) Tiny Lund #55  Johnny Beauchamp? Flavia Robey joining the rollover club. 1954-8ball.jpg (11269 bytes) 5-10-52-cooney-roll.jpg (10308 bytes)     


monroe.jpg (81665 bytes) From Dianne Bauer  From Dianne Bauer  From Dianne Bauer  Darrell Taylor Playland racer 1968


The Bronco years


1968 Frank Vandoorn's lark.   Frank Vandoorncrash 1968 Al Franks #89 crammed into Dave Chase #31 Dick Gappa 1970  (Dave Hellerich) Zdan-Gappa-1970.(Dave Hellerich) hoden8-70.jpg (42659 bytes) Paul Zdan 1971. (Dave Hellerich)  

  elder-scan0014.jpg (31543 bytes)  zdan-scan0022a.jpg (26025 bytes) 

zdan-scan0022b.jpg (51343 bytes)  zdan-scan0030a.jpg (17690 bytes) zdan-scan0030c.jpg (23658 bytes) zdan-scan0032b.jpg (26543 bytes) zdan-scan0032d.jpg (24875 bytes) 



The Bronco - Super Stock - Mini Stock years


stockcar1971-1 (Thanks Larry Osborn) pics-1971race.jpg (46976 bytes) stockcar1971-_2(Thanks Larry Osborn) stockcar1971-3(Thanks Larry Osborn)  1971-picture (Thanks Larry Osborn)  Bruce Nieto     stockcar-5(Thanks Larry Osborn)

 I recognized a picture in the 1971 bronco years section. The # 23 car headed the wrong direction was driven by my dad, Dave Wichman. The car was owned by Larry West. My dad was also a member of the Roll Over Club! He built several cars, one was driven by Ron Stander for a short time. Thought you might like to know. .... Steve Wichman


pics-playland-1 (From Larry Osborn)  pics-playland-2(From Larry Osborn) pics-playland-3.j(From Larry Osborn)  pics-playland-4.(From Larry Osborn)  pics-playland-5(From Larry Osborn)  pics-playland-6.(From Larry Osborn)

pics-playland-9(From Larry Osborn)  pics-playland-10.jpg (8721 bytes)  pics-playland-11(From Larry Osborn) pics-playland-12(From Larry Osborn)  pics-playland-13.(From Larry Osborn) pics-playland-14(From Larry Osborn) pics-playland-15.(From Larry Osborn)



From Frank Vandoorn 1972 From Frank Vandoorn 1972 From Frank Vandoorn 1972 From Frank Vandoorn 1972 Bud Burdick 7-73 (Dave Hellerich) 



From Frank Vandoorn 1975 Frank going into turn one, 1975 (Vandoorn) Ministockers 1977 (Vandoorn) 

The Last years... 1976 or 77 aerial photo, about a year before the wrecking ball.

Playland 1976 or 77 (Howard Koziol)  playland aerial1976? (Dave Foote)

The track... from Dave Hubbard, 1978 or so, right before the wrecking ball.

From Dave Hubbard From Dave Hubbard From Dave Hubbard

Now Dec 2002 photos... before the condos go in.

Playland 2002 by Dan Franks    Playland 2002 by Dan Franks

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