"Super" Stan Shinabargar
Pit Crew #chevy II

Super Stan

Stan pitted for the chevy II car of Bob Fitzsimmons. 

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He completed his homework assignment for me.  Here are Stan's answers to the information sheet.  

Tell about your worst night of racing at Playland.  

When Bob had the best looking race car at the beginning and the worst looking one at the end of the night!

Tell about your best night of racing at Playland.  

Bob was racing against Bill Martin in a fifty lap feature.  They went back and forth for the lead.  Bob finally grabbed the lead in the last few laps and kept it for the remainder of the race.   

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Tell your favorite Playland story.

They were racing hot and heavy when Ron Tilley and Paul Zdan got in a little mishap.  Paul managed to drive over Tilley putting both cars in the infield. When they came to rest, Ron jumped out of his car and flew over the hood of his car, chasing Paul over the track on foot!!

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Thanks for the stories Stan!  They are goodies.