1956 NASCAR Short Track Championship Entry List and Time Trial Sheet

Courtesy of Lee Ackerman and the Nebraska Auto Racing Hall of Fame

Check out the entries and time trial results! No time- probably no show or broke, anyone know?

Click to see the sheet! Racers from North Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Kentucky, Texas, New York, Washington, South Carolina, Iowa, Nebraska converged at Playland Speedway in Council Bluffs! 

Among the entrants,  a who's who of NASCAR's 50 greatest drivers according to NASCAR.com!

Rex White #5 on the list of NASCAR's 50 greatest drivers. The 1960 NASCAR Winston Cup champion, White won six of his 28 career victories that year. White finished in the top-10 in the point standings six of the nine years he competed on NASCAR's elite circuit. 

Herb Thomas #10 on the list of NASCAR's 50 greatest drivers. NASCAR Winston Cup Career: 1949-57, 1962 Thomas, a former truck driver, was the NASCAR Winston Cup Series champion in 1951 and 1953. He won 48 races in 230 starts, picking up 38 pole positions along the way, which is still 10th on the all-time list. Thomas won the Southern 500 at Darlington (S.C.) Raceway in 1951, 1954 and 1955; his '55 Southern 500 victory came despite being badly injured in racing accident three-and-a-half months earlier. 

Lee Petty #15 on the list of NASCAR's 50 greatest drivers.was a hard charger in the NASCAR Winston Cup Series division, claiming 54 wins -- ranking him seventh on NASCAR's all-time wins list.  In 1954, Petty won the first of three championships in a Dodge. He won his second championship in 1958, also in a Dodge and his third, in '59, on the strength of 11 wins, powered by a Chrysler. 

Marvin Panch #17 on the list of NASCAR's  50 greatest drivers,  competed against both Lee and Richard Petty in the 1950s and 1960s. Panch's first win came in 1956 from the pole position at a track in Montgomery, Ala. His most successful season was in 1957. 

Tiny Lund #21 on the list of NASCAR's 50 greatest drivers. Career: 1955-75  He would go on to save Marvin Panch's life after a fiery road race crash in 1963!  The injured Panch asked Lund to take his place in the Wood Brothers' Ford. In the crowning achievement of his career, Lund won the Daytona 500. A big man with an ironic nickname, Lund won five NASCAR Winston Cup races through a 21-year career. 

Bill Amick- 1 NASCAR Winston Cup Win 1957 Capital Speedway Sacramento CA 

Jim Paschall- Car #75 finished 5th in the 1956 NASCAR final points standings.

Jim Reed -dominated the short track division of NASCAR in the 1950's. He claimed the championship in the division from 1953 to 1957, a record that still stands as the longest consecutive championship by any driver.

Jack Smith -had 21 Winston Cup wins, was voted most popular driver in 1958, and is a member of the Motorsports Press Association Hall of Fame.  In 1960, when asked about increasing race speeds, Fireball Roberts remarked, "At Daytona Beach we started at 140 miles an hour. Now we are up to 150. Pretty soon we will be hitting 155. At 140 anyone could drive. At 150 there are just ten drivers who can handle it. And at 155 there will be just four who can stand the pace." Fireball named Jack Smith as one of the four. From Eddie Samples www.lloar.com

Joe Eubanks finished 15th in the 1956 NASCAR final points standings. One Winston Cup Win 9/28/1958 Orange Speedway 

Lee Ackerman sent this write up from the World Herald, 4-21-2006.

NASCAR at Playland Park

On August 5, 1956, NASCAR came to Playland Park Speedway in Council Bluffs, Iowa. The event was billed as a NASCAR Short Track Grand National event. While not an official Grand National Points Race (Winston/Nextel Cup), it did feature 10 NASCAR drivers along with 9 area drivers. The Sunday night event drew a crowd of 4,081 fans to Abe Slusky’s Playland Park.

Bill Amick of Glendale, California, outlasted the 19 car field, by setting both quick time of 15.82 seconds, and then leading the entire 100 laps to win the race and a big chuck of the $3,200 purse. Amick’s Ford teammate, Marvin Panch of San Francisco, California qualified second and finished second. Jim Paschal of High Point, North Carolina qualified third and finished third in the feature driving a Mercury.

Rex White of Yadkinsville, North Carolina broke the monopoly as he qualified further down in the time trials but won the first ten lap heat over Panch, Amick and Paschal and then passed Johnny Allen of Corpus Christi, Texas on the 9th lap to nail down 4th place in the feature. Allen would finish 5th.

Carl Lillienthal of Atlantic, Iowa was the top local driver winning a heat race and then finishing sixth in the feature. Bob Meyer of Chapel Hill, North Carolina and Jim Sorensen of Omaha finished eight. Only 9 of the 19 starters finished the race. Tiny Lund, ex-stock car champion at Playland and a native of Harlan, Iowa dropped out of the race on the 46th lap.

Marvin Panch would win 17 NASCAR Cup races in his career and was the 1957 Cup runner-up. Jim Paschal would win 25 Cup events and was a contender for the title several different times. Rex White would win 28 Cup events and was the 1960 series champion and 1961 runner-up. Tiny Lund would go on to win the 1964 Daytona 500 and be a multi-time NASCAR short track champion.

1956 NASCAR final points standings:

FINISH         DRIVER                             STARTS                 WINS                 POINTS 

03                 Herb Thomas                         48                             5                         8710 

04                 Lee Petty                                47                             2                         8324 

05                 Jim Paschal                            42                              1                         7878 

10                 Marvin Panch                         20                              1                         4680 

11                 Rex White                             24                               0                         4642 

15                 Joe Eubanks                          26                               0                         3284 

19                 Tiny Lund                             0                                 0                         2754 

21                 Jack Smith                            15                                1                         2320 

26                 Blackie Pitt                            27                                0                         1760 

28                 Al Watkins                            14                                0                         1710

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