Where are they now?

They are as rare as hen's teeth. but as we find them, we'll post them here.


chev0001.jpg (61013 bytes) I sold my Chevelle to Playland track champion Dave Kaut on 2-5-05.  A verified Playland veteran. I  bought it from Jim Foote. It was his Roy Foote's (his Dad's) car. Last raced 28 plus years ago at Playland and Sunset. Jim dragged it from it's resting place on Lime Kiln Road, north of Council Bluffs, Ia.  It has no motor or trans but most of the car is there. It has a Franklin 3/4 ton truck rear and 1960 Chevy 3/4 ton front spindles on a 55 Chevy frame. It has tubular upper "A" arms and double shocks with rear leaf springs. Jim made all the wheels for this car. The Footes bought it from Mike Tyson. Mike raced it as a 55 Chevy at Playland.  It has a long way to go! It is one of the very few survivors. In fact, so far it's the first bronco/hobby stock survivor I have physically seen.  Dave plans to rebuild the chevelle for Vintage open racing.  Good luck with the car Dave!!  

chev01.jpg (11900 bytes) chev0002.jpg (13904 bytes)

Click here to see the rebuild of the Chevelle!  

The Eddie Morris chevy #78 has been found!!  It doesn't look as good as it did here, but you can still see some of the purple paint!!  Kim Elder and I visited the #78 and it's new owner who dragged it from it's resting spot.  You'll find the pics on Ed Morris' drivers page. 


There are two Playland coupes in the picture below. The #47 car was built and raced by Don Ronk at Playland. The #95 car was raced by Ernie Bonney Sr. at Playland and Sunset. Jeremy Franks now owns the 47 car. All of these cars are still racing.

bonnys.jpg (20990 bytes)

The #81 car was raced by Rich Ferguson at Playland in the sixties and is still raced today with GOTRA.  Rich recently replaced the aging powerplant with a fresh chevy v8.

gotra81as.jpg (19799 bytes)

Jeremy Franks' 11m car (soon to be #66) was raced by Don Ronk (as #34) at Playland in the 1967 season and is still raced today with GOTRA.. Don sold it to Rex Baller. It was subsequently owned by John Ferguson, Jerry Bonney and Rocky Fagen. It has come full circle to this website 35+ years later.

ronk67.jpg (14191 bytes) 11m-01.jpg (11920 bytes) 11m-02.jpg (9002 bytes)

edmorrischevelle.jpg (51652 bytes) Ed Morris's Chevelle.  Raced at Harlan, and Playland.....  Tim Cooney owns it?  Will it be restored Tim?   



Is this Glenn Robey's first Playland car?

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